May 1, 2011

Easter Egg Hunt

So we were all psyched to go to our old church's huge Easter egg hunt on Saturday. Then I found out it was LAST week. Why was it last week? Anyway, then our friends told us about another one nearby at some random church. We decided to meet them there at 10 am. Well, we tried as hard as we could to get out the door. I think I woke up at 8 and didn't rest until we left....and we got there at 10:05 or so? We missed the entire hunt. Thankfully our friends were nice enough along with some other people that were there to give us some extra eggs to hide and let Brooklynn and Cece find them again. Brooklynn kept looking at them like, "these eggs aren't going to have any candy in them." (Because they were hard-boiled.) It was still lots of fun and she got into it. Afterwards they gave her a cute little basket with some jelly beans and chocolate inside AND some sidewalk chalk! All for free. How fun. 
It was inside because it was really cold and rainy on Saturday morning.

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