May 5, 2011

Any Other Ideas?

So the footy pajamas combined with a onesie kept Brooklynn out of her diaper for quite a while. Then that stopped working....and we switched to duct tape around the diaper. That actually has been working great! I can even put her in a night gown and she can't get into the thing. UNTIL THIS MORNING. She even managed to pry the duct tape off this morning. I was greeted yet again by a naked child. I said, "Yay, you at least didn't pee all over your bed this time." Which Brooklynn heard as "Yay! Good for you getting out of this!" and she started clapping and saying "yay!" Hmmm...then I had to proceed and tell her that I was GLAD she didn't pee on the bed, but it was NOT GOOD that she took her diaper off. 
Pretty sure the mixed signals of trying to potty train and NOT pee in her diaper during the day but keep your diaper ON aren't doing much good.
(BTW, YES, we've tried putting the pajamas on backwards. I have one pair that I cut the feet off of to do this with. Most of the pajamas I have like that I'm borrowing and don't want to ruin them. I bought a couple of new pairs but they're so cute I don't want to cut them up. Sometimes I safety pin the zipper to the top and only once has she gotten out of that. Mainly, summer is coming up and the duct tape seems like the easiest option so she also doesn't overheat.)

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Shannon said...

yes! Go to (beth moore's daughter) just saw this yesterday!
there are jammies made that zip in the back! :)