May 2, 2011

3 Months Old!

Gabby is 3 months old! This is the day we've been waiting for very eagerly with high hopes that her colic would magically disappear. And although she is at times pretty is more a rarity than the norm.
She has been doing AMAZING. She sits in her bouncy seat and is so entertained by the little toys that hang down because she can play with them now. And she loves tummy time and her gym. Granted, she doesn't love all of these things for hours on end, she likes some variety, but we can actually lie her down and she doesn't INSTANTLY start screaming. (And she also isn't screaming while we hold her, either!) And here is my favorite thing: I can now nurse her, and STILL AWAKE...burp her, lie her down with her binky and her Baba...and she will FALL ASLEEP!!!! It's amazing. And although I miss having a tiny baby, (she is huge..she even has rolls) I am so thankful that she's old enough to do fun things like smile and laugh and play. 
I wish I had a videographer so I didn't have to be in this'll have to excuse both my appearance and the spectacle and just focus on Gabby's cute little giggles. 

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