May 15, 2011

Lessons From Big Sister

So ever since Gabby's colic has disappeared, Brooklynn has really stepped it up and has been SUCH a nicer girl to her. (HUGE SIGH OF RELIEF!) I think she was just annoyed with her crying and screaming this whole time. It's almost like she (along with the rest of us, lets be honest) is finally thinking, "OK, THIS is what I had in mind when you said I was getting a baby sister!"
She has been a huge help, loves to bring me diapers, pick out her outfits, she even helps click the buckle on her car seat. And she love playing with her. Luckily, Brooklynn thinks that Gabby's pulling of Brooklynn's hair is her way of playing back. (And it probably is.) And she loves it. She'll put her head right by her hand in the hopes that Gabby will pull it to make her say owe. And then laugh. Actually, every time she touches her ANYWHERE she will laugh and say the body part. "neck!" "elbow!" (You get the idea.)

In the first video Brooklynn is teaching Gabby how to roll. Gabby hasn't quite gotten the rolling thing yet. I think it's mainly because she hasn't had tons of time to practice yet since we hardly ever put her down her first three months.

In the second video Brooklynn is blowing on Gabby's belly. We're trying to get her to laugh for Brooklynn.

And the third video Gabby kept kicking Brooke and she thought this was hilarious. It was way cuter before I went to get the camera, but you still get the idea.

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