May 17, 2011

How Much Trouble Can Brooklynn REALLY Get Into in 15 Minutes?

So that is the question I asked myself and I thought back to myself, "Probably no more than usual...I'll go ahead and take Gabby into Brooklynn's room, close the door and enjoy a nice, quiet, undisturbed nursing session."
I kept thinking, "Hmm, it's REALLY quiet out there, I wonder what she is into?...I'm sure it's pretty bad if she's THIS quiet....oh well, I'll deal with her later."
So after I nursed her on the first side, before continuing I put Gabby down so I could go and start phase 1 of dealing with Brooklynn. (Getting away anything dangerous or very messy so she can't continue with whatever she was doing.) Guess what I found?
Brooklynn, covered head to toe in baby powder, her basket of balls ALL covered in baby powder (I think she covered each one individually.) and an empty baby powder container. I guess not too bad. It's not like it was all over the house, it's pretty contained just on her and the's not overly hazardous. Not bad. So I took a picture, took the powder away and went back in to finish nursing Gabby. Brooklynn tried to follow me in this time but I told her that we were in time out and to go out and leave us alone. To my shock she actually listened, turned around and closed the door. Nice.

I didn't think twice about what ELSE she could be getting into until I started hearing her in the bathroom and then some clanging around like she was banging on pipes....I had NO idea what it was.
I was almost done feeding Gabby...she was almost asleep for her nap but this time since I didn't recognize the sound of her naughtiness (yes, most of the time I can tell what she is doing just by listening.) I was worried it was something dangerous in the kitchen or who knows where. Well it turns out it WAS just in the bathroom, she was trying to get more toilet paper out of the extra container because I have been hiding all of it from her (because she uses so much.) She had pooped, taken off her diaper, it was on her hand a little bit and on her leg, I think she was just trying to clean herself up...basically change her own diaper. She told me she had a poop and I told her to try and go more, sat her on the potty, went back to burp Gabby and put her in the crib to maybe fall asleep. (Didn't happen.) When I came back in to clean up Brooklynn she was flushing the toilet. (And the poop that was in her diaper was mysteriously gone.) So basically, Brooklynn changed her own poopy diaper. Why she didn't just go on the potty is beyond me but at least it's progress. At least she is headed in the right direction. And at least she didn't rub it all over the walls.

So then we had a bath and cleaned up all the poop AND the baby powder. Two birds with one stone. I was pretty happy about that one.
But I think I will only try and have relaxing, undisturbed nursing sessions once Brooklynn is taking her nap from now on. Lesson learned.

So after I posted this the first time I found the powder area later on in the day. This is what I's all sort of amusing to me now. And maybe I'll just keep powder around from now on, it's much easier and smells more pleasant to clean up than all the poop I cleaned up today.

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