May 5, 2011

Josephine Marie Wescott

I am an aunt!!! I am so sad I am not there celebrating with them but soon I will get to hold this sweet baby.
All the nurses and doctors are calling her a "miracle baby". The cord was TIGHTLY wrapped around her neck SEVEN times. And she still came out crying, despite that. They said they've NEVER seen anything like that, especially still able to cry and especially without a C-section.
She is in the transitional nursery right now and will get to be with them again in about a half hour or so. They are monitoring her breathing because the cord was so tightly wrapped, they want to make sure she is able to breathe normally and swallow, etc.
I can tell this baby was and is covered in prayer. It's no wonder she is a miracle.
Diana went in for a routine checkup yesterday morning. She mentioned she hadn't been feeling as much movement and so they did an ultrasound and her fluid was low and the cord was wrapped around her neck. (They thought only once or twice.) Even though she was only 37 weeks, they wanted to induce her because of this.
Josephine Marie Wescott was born at 6:00 pm. She is 5 pounds, 7 ounces and 20 inches long.
I can't wait to meet you, baby Josie! I have thought about just driving out several times now, I'll have to control myself a little while longer. Brooklynn keeps saying "Josie, Josie!" I think she's excited.
Now off to bed for me...I will sleep much better tonight knowing all is safe and sound.

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