May 20, 2011

First Black Eye

So Brooklynn is constantly hitting, kicking, etc...Cece. Poor girl. Usually she barely hits her, but enough to be mean.
So Cece finally fought back the other day. And she got her GOOD. Brooklynn, you had it coming.
I'm not sure if she hit her with her hand or with a toy. I'd be impressed if it was with her hand. All I know is I went in for 30 seconds to put the binky back in Gabby's mouth...when I left they were playing nicely crawling in the tunnel. When I came back Brooklynn was crying. Her summary of what happened:
"Cece hit. Face."
I asked her what she hit her with and if it was a toy or her hand, etc. She said, "Hand." So I guess Cece has got quite the punch. 

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