March 30, 2011

Funny Story

Ok, so this morning I made orange sweet rolls for breakfast. There are 8 in the container but so yummy. I usually save a few and heat them up later for a snack or something. 
Well, I ate one before Brooklynn woke up. Yummy. Then when she woke up I told her I made a special treat for breakfast. I put one on her plate and one on my plate (but didn't eat it yet, I went out to the kitchen to keep emptying the dishwasher.) By the time I got to the kitchen she was already asking for more. I was shocked that she finished it that quickly, but also excited that she seems like she has her appetite back. (And to clarify, she peels off the entire outside and only eats the inside and the frosting on top. So it's not like she's eating the entire roll.)
So I gave her one more to eat. That is when I heard Gabby waking up so I went to get her. I took her in their room and changed her diaper and got her into an outfit for the day. When I came back out Brooklynn was out of her chair and looked at me with a HUGE smile on her face, then said, "All Done!" and showed me her plate...and when I looked at the table I saw the ENTIRE pan of the rolls was empty and the scraps were in a heap on her plate. So she didn't even save me ANY more. (But at least she left me my second one.) I guess Brooklynn is helping the post-baby weight loss program by not sharing any of the sweets I make with me. So that is a plus.

Anyway, she was so proud of herself and I thought it was so funny. We have an ongoing thing in our family where EVERY SINGLE TIME we eat these (which are usually saved for Birthdays only--in fact we call them "Birthday Rolls") we always ask, "How many do we get?" Like we never remember. But sometimes my Mom made two tubes, sometimes she'd make we never did know for sure. Brooklynn will fit in. And apparently she gets six and you get two.

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