March 30, 2011


We are a little "princessed out" here. Since Brooklynn has been so sick she's been watching a LOT more tv than we usually let her. For example, I watched "Cinderella" 5 times in one day last week. (And a lot of other times every other day since Tuesday.) Also, Brooklynn wants to read her princess book (which is Cinderella) EVERY single time before bedtime AND at naptime, too. We have been giving the "condensed version."
Yesterday after her bath I asked her if she wanted to pick out some cozy pajamas and she said, "NO!!! PRINCESS!!!" So I dressed her up in Cinderella gear.
At the end of Brooklynn's Cinderella book they have random pictures of all the Disney Characters. One night she pointed to Prince Charming and said, "Dada" and so I asked where Mama was and she pointed to Cinderella. That made me feel pretty special. Then we were gearing up for our trip home so I asked her where everyone in the family was on the cover and she would pick someone out. We play this game all the time now. It's pretty funny.

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